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A Prescription for Delicious Eating: Salad Dressing

Changing one’s eating habits is difficult in the short term and, for most of us, impossible in the long term if the changes being made leave us feeling deprived. A review of the research on olive oil in the diet led the FDA to encourage people to replace 2 tablespoons of saturated fat with olive oil and/or nut oil.

At A Taste of Olive we believe that if we bring to our customers high quality and delicious olive oils, nut oils, balsamic vinegars and other gourmet products, both delicious meals and healthy eating will naturally follow.  

Love the flavor infused olive oil?  Don’t worry.  All of our flavored oils are based on extra virgin olive oil to ensure that our customers are getting high quality, maximum health benefits and delicious flavor in every bottle.  

How can you tweak your daily meals? Start with your salad dressing. Once you whisk up your first vinaigrette with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you’ll never look back.  Twice the flavor and none of the additives and preservatives found in grocery store dressings.  And our large, handpicked selection ensures  that you’ll always be able to create the perfect dressing for your favorite salad and never grow bored.

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