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Kate's Kitchen: Fruit Vinegar Shrub

The history of drinking vinegar dates all the way back to 15th century England, who imported balsamic vinegar from the Italian peninsula. Colonists took the vinegar with them to America and invented the mixed drinks known as “shrubs.”

The settlers mixed the vinegar with sugar to create a syrup that they added to spirits, water, or even seltzer to make an early version of soda! Have you ever had a shrub? Carrie shows you a simple drink you can make using fruit vinegar:


Yield: 1 Serving 

Prep Time: 5 mins



Chilled San Pellegrino or Seltzer

Your Favorite Fruit Vinegar

Optional: Alcohol to mix  together your favorite cocktail. 



1. Fill up a glass with San Pellegrino. 

2. Add a dash of fruit vinegar. 

3. Garnish with fruit (we recommend raspberries). 

4. Serve and enjoy!

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