Pasta & Grains

Risotto with Broccoli Raab

With this simple, no-fuss risotto mix, now you can enjoy a delicious Italian classic any night of the week. And with authentic, artisan made in Italy varieties, it will taste like you cooked for a special occasion. Like this simple but highly adaptable risotto recipe made from carnaroli rice and broccoli raab, an Italian vegetable staple also known as rapini. Just add water or broth and a few tablespoons of your favorite extra virgin olive oil, stir occasionally until the liquid is absorbed, and you’ll have perfect Italian risotto any time.  Try grating a bit of Parmesan or Pecorino on top, or experiment with your own additions.

100% natural, with no additives, preservatives, or artificial colorings. 

GMO Free and vegan.

Made in Italy by Tiberino, a family run business since 1888, with a passion for fine Italian classic foods for four generations.

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