Apple Sweet Cherry Jam

When it come to fruit pies, the apple and the cherry have a special place in history - and in the hearts of food lovers everywhere. Combining the two fruit into one delectably sweet jam is like eating the best part of two pies together, whenever you like, on anything you can think of! On toast, bagel, or muffin. Over ice cream. As a glaze for chicken or pork. 

the gracious gourmet is an award-winning line of chutneys, spreads, tapenades and pestos sourced from only the finest all-natural ingredients, produced in small batches, and never utilizing preservatives. Most are low in fat, naturally gluten free, and minimize the use of sugar and salt. Designed for the busy yet creative cook to use as complements to cheese, or combined with other ingredients to create exciting appetizers, main courses and desserts.