Tapenades, Chutneys and Savory Spreads

Balsamic Four-Onion Spread

Four different varieties of onion are slowly caramelized in balsamic vinegar, a touch of sugar, and a unique blend of spices for a spread with endless versatility. From using it as a burger or sandwich topping to adding it into a dip or sauté, this spread is likely to become a staple in the kitchen

the gracious gourmet is an award-winning line of chutneys, spreads, tapenades and pestos sourced from only the finest all-natural ingredients, produced in small batches, and never utilizing preservatives. Most are low in fat, naturally gluten-free, and minimize the use of sugar and salt. Designed for the busy yet creative cook to use as complements to cheese, or combined with other ingredients to create exciting appetizers, main courses and desserts. 

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