Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Pairing Guide


An A to Z list of balsamic vinegars to complement your dish



Balsamic Pairing

A Taste of Olive House Blend 

A classic Italian blend of hot chili peppers, herbs, and real parmesan cheese; sure to become a favorite dipping oil for those who like a little heat. Use it on pasta, pasta salads, pizza, fish and wherever you want to add a taste of Italy!  Addictive on popcorn!

Bacon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Bacon olive oil delivers all the flavor of Hickory smoked bacon with less cholesterol and fewer saturated fats. Use this oil to bring smoky flavor to your favorite dishes. Try it with hamburgers, turkey burgers, steak or roasting vegetables. Sauteed green beans never tasted so good.

Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This pairing of crushed fresh basil with extra virgin olive oil produces an oil that is delicate and aromatic.  Drizzle onto your favorite pasta dishes, enhance the flavor of the sauce, or pair it with our Oregano White Balsamic for easy Italian vinaigrette.

Be sure to drizzle Basil Olive Oil over fresh sliced tomatoes topped with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese.   For a special treat add a little balsamic.

Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ripe Blood Oranges fused with fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil from Italy.  What could be better on salads, fish, poultry and more?  Both the delicious pairings and possible uses are limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Capers & Garlic

From one of our favorite Italian growers, this is a true chef’s delight.  It is delicious on fish or chicken with freshly squeezed lemon juice or one of our lemon balsamics. Use it on pasta as a base for a great sauce or on its own. Makes vegetables shine.


The essence of fresh roasted garlic is captured in this rich, fragrant olive oil that has more uses than we could list here.  Our Garlic Olive Oil is an excellent choice for cooking, bread dipping, or wherever a clean, balanced garlic flavor is desired.


If you like it hot, this is the oil for you!  Drizzle it over pizza, pasta and vegetables to wake up your taste buds.


This olive oil makes it simple to bring the flavors of Northern Africa and the Mediterranean Coast to your meals.  Ideal for soups and stews as well as for meat and vegetables.   Spice up couscous, pasta, and lentils, too.

Herbs de Provence

The fresh flavor of this classic blend of French herbs brings a touch of France to any meal.  Try with fish, salads, vegetables and egg dishes.  


The aroma and flavor of this oil is unmistakably fresh jalapeño. Moderate heat and lots of flavors make this a delicious addition to your pantry.  Use it in scrambled eggs, omelets and frittatas or in pasta and bean salads.  Wake up your palate with this taste of the Southwest and Mexico.

Persian Lime

This fusion of lime and extra virgin olive oil is as versatile as it is delicious.  It pairs well with many of our balsamics to enhance the flavor of seafood, vegetables, salads and more.  Use it to bring a tropical flair to any dish.


Add the distinctive flavor of pesto to your pasta, Caprese salad or a sandwich.  Drizzle on fish or vegetables for a delightfully rich finish.  This will quickly become a go-to favorite.


The rich, earthy flavor of wild porcini mushrooms permeates this Italian oil.  Porcini lovers will find endless uses for this flavorful olive oil.

Roasted Sesame Seed


An essential ingredient in Japanese and oriental cooking, our Japanese Sesame Oil is the best we’ve been able to find.  Its distinctive nutty flavor has a hint of sweetness enhanced by its wonderful aroma.  Use as a finishing oil and in sauces and vinaigrettes.


Roasted Walnut


Use Roasted Walnut Oil to add a distinct nutty flavor to salads or cooking and bakings. Healthy and delicious.


The flavor of fresh rosemary is captured in this olive oil creating a true rosemary olive oil superior in quality and flavor intensity.  The ideal oil for lamb, chicken, fish, salads, bread or any other food where the flavors of rosemary and olives are desired.     


The sweet flavor and aroma of shallots permeate this versatile olive oil. Use it to add the distinctive flavor of shallots to all of your favorite dishes. Use this oil to add a rich onion flavor to vegetables, meat, stews, soups, and egg dishes.  Or add it to vinaigrettes for a sweeter onion flavor without the bite.

Sorrento Lemon

Sorrento is famous for its lemons, and one taste of this fusion of extra virgin olive oil from Italy with the flavor of Sorrento lemons fresh from the tree tells you why. Use it on salads, fish, vegetables and anywhere you want the full flavor of Italy's finest lemons.

Tuscan Herb

This olive oil is infused with a variety of herbs traditional to  Northern Italy.  The mild, buttery taste with a fresh herb background makes Tuscan Herb Olive Oil ideal for bread dipping, salads, and roasting vegetables.