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Holiday Cocoa Popcorn

At A Taste of Olive, we love blending our sweet and savory products to come up with recipes you've never thought to try before! Today, we're bringing a fabulous recipe - our Cocoa Popcorn - that will change the way you think about popcorn!

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Kate's Kitchen: Leftovers Cheesesteak

One of our favorite parts of the holiday happens after the big Thanksgiving meal - finding new ways to enjoy the abundance of leftovers! In just a few simple steps, you'll be able to enjoy one of our favorite ways to enjoy leftovers - the Philly-Inspired Leftover Cheesesteak!

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Grilled Mexican Flatbread Pizza

Looking for a way to mix up your favorite flatbread? Throw it on the grill for a fantastic, crisp finish. Try this quick and simple Mexican Flatbread for dinner or appetizer to share with friends!


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Kate's Kitchen: Garlic Olive Oil Grilled Chicken Wings

Looking for some Labor Day menu inspiration? Try our Grilled Garlic Olive Oil Chicken Wings! These wings are super-easy, healthy, and will sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Just in time for Labor Day, Carrie shows you a simple way to add some flavor to your grilled chicken! 



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Kate's Kitchen: Caprese Salad

There's nothing like biting into a fresh tomato picked at the height of the season. One of our favorite things to do with tomatoes is to make a simple Caprese Salad. It's ready in a few minutes and absolutely delicious, especially when you use some of our favorite products to make it! Today, Carrie shows you a simple salad that you can make in minutes: 

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Kate's Kitchen: Fruit Vinegar Shrub

The history of drinking vinegar dates all the way back to 15th century England, who imported balsamic vinegar from the Italian peninsula. Colonists took the vinegar with them to America and invented the mixed drinks known as “shrubs.” 


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