Vendor Spotlight: Sticky Bucket Maple

March 30, 2016

Vendor Spotlight: Sticky Bucket Maple

What happens when you combine fresh, delicious maple syrup from Sticky Bucket Maple Farm with our business, A Taste of Olive, that also provides customers with unique ingredients? The result is a flavorful and wonderful combination that you really have to try to believe.

Kate Schroeder, the West Chester manager of A Taste of Olive, recently went on a trip up to the farm in Sabinsville, Pennsylvania for their annual maple syrup tour. However, this was not her first trip up there; rather her 4th visit! Each time, she says, “It's grown. They keep expanding. The facility is just beautiful.”  

The farmstead, which was primarily built by the Amish, is owned and operated by Brian and Wanda Warwick. They have owned the facility since 2002, but only started producing maple syrup since 2008. 

With 295 acres of land and just under 10,000 sugar taps, the husband and wife team, along with their magnificent Sugar Shack barn, which Kate describes “is where they process the maple syrup, which comes directly from the trees into the barn”, provides all four A Taste of Olive locations with maple syrup products.

The partnership between business started around five years ago when Brian and Wanda both went into the West Chester location of A Taste of Olive store to purchase olive oil and vinegar, but came prepared with samples of their, then new maple syrup. At that time, they had only just begun the process of making it. Now, however, Sticky Bucket Maple offers more than just maple syrup. They have maple sugar, maple coffee, maple candy and even K cups!

Back at A Taste of Olive, the maple products are selling very well. Kate describes that, "It's selling yearly, more so during the holidays because people want gifts. They're beautiful gifts to give to people. If you appreciate the real maple syrup versus other artificial products.” In regards to how the actual maple syrup is sold, they come packaged in gallon, half gallon, or pint-sized plastic jugs, but also in more ornamental glass bottles shaped in a maple leaf, log cabin, or snowman. Just like this product here which sells for $19.95! 

Overall, A Taste of Olive strives to promote the goods that local businesses can provide to customers, especially when the products are of high quality and care. We look forward to gaining new vendors and visiting the sites where the products are made.

For more information about Sticky Bucket Maple Farm, please visit their website at