Our Top Culinary Spring Cleaning Tips

March 18, 2021

Our Top Culinary Spring Cleaning Tips

Welcome, Spring!  It’s finally here! If you’re like us, you’re excited to break out the spring wardrobe again, look for seasonal recipes, and feel the sun on your face. In spring, we want to shift to dishes that are lighter and packed with nutrients, so we can keep up with our spring to-do list. We’ve put together a culinary spring cleaning guide with tips to get you started off on the right foot this season!

  • Organizing: check! Before you break out the broom, make a checklist with all of your kitchen spring cleaning tasks. I find that it is helpful for me to organize my thoughts of what needs to get done before I start on my tasks, or else, I’m bound to forget something. Make a checklist by going through the areas of your kitchen to see  exactly what needs to be cleaned, repaired, donated, or tossed. 
  • Switch up your dressing. The new season calls for a new salad dressing. Try making this Lemon Parmesan Vinaigrette with equal parts Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar and Sorrento Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sweet from the honey, tart from the lemons, and just a bit savory with some parmesan, this dressing is the perfect transition from winter to spring. 
  • Save the bees! If you’re looking for a healthier shift in your diet, cutting out processed foods is one of the best ways to start. If your sweet tooth starts asking for a treat, instead of candy or cookies, try some fresh fruit with Funny Farm Apiaries’ Caramel Infused Raw Honey drizzled on top. This honey is filled with benefits like antioxidants, and can even help keep your allergies at bay! 

  • Fresh herbs for flavor. Instead of adding extra salt or butter to a dish to boost its flavor, try using an assortment of fresh herbs. Plant the seeds yourself, or buy a plant for the windowsill. It saves money in the long run, gives your kitchen new life, and helps to encourage healthy eating habits! This guide to kitchen gardens will get you started. 
  • Live local. Integrate fresh, local, seasonal produce into your diet. It’s good for you, the environment, and your local farmers! Local Pennsylvania farms will start having a wider variety of produce in April. We are counting down the days until we can make this strawberry and spinach salad using West Chester Growers Market ingredients!
  • Treat yourself. Okay, so we know that despite wanting to eat clean and healthy, sometimes you just really need a treat; and that’s okay! You can have your cake and eat it too when you make your confections at home. Using some healthier substitutions will keep you satisfied while staying in shape. Olive oil can be used in the place of butter in many recipes. Reach for our Seka Hills Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil or any of our flavored oils the next time you want to bake your favorite comfort food! 
  • Stock up. Refresh and replenish the ingredients you have. Nothing is quite as satisfying as decluttering your kitchen after a long winter. Kitchen essentials like extra virgin olive oil have a shelf life of around 12-18 months. Restock on your spices, salts, and oils all in one go!
  • Repetition is key. Carry flavor profiles throughout the meal. When springtime hits, we can’t resist using citrus flavors in any meal that we can sneak it into. Use our Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil to add a hint of continuity from your salad to your main course, and finish off dessert by using Orange Curd in your creation. 

  • Reflect the season. Bring the same life to your kitchen as you do with your dishes. With just a few interior design tips, you can get your kitchen ready for the season in no time. Proudly display your fresh ingredients (that don’t need refrigeration) in a brightly colored bowl as an inspiring centerpiece to your table. That windowsill garden will also do wonders to bring new life into your kitchen! Or, spruce up your space with a springy Alice’s Cottage flour sack tea towel.
  • See what works. If a change in eating habits is in the cards for you this spring, think about not just what you eat, but how you eat. Some people thrive eating three square meals a day, while others prefer to lightly graze throughout it. If you want to experiment with lighter, more frequent meals, try some healthy crackers and cheese with this Rosemary Pear Spread, Portobello Mushroom Tapenade or this lightened-up spinach and artichoke dip.