A Taste of Olive visits Chestnut Hill Hospital

April 06, 2016

On Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, A Taste of Olive, was among the many participants at Chestnut Hill Hospital’s “Health on the Hill” event. The lively spring event featured various healthy foods, fun activities, and fitness ideas for attendees, specifically families. The event provided an excellent opportunity and environment to spread valuable information about the many health benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil. There was also suggestions and tips given on how to include other olive oils in diets in a delicious and healthy way that everyone can enjoy and is easy to prepare. 

One item featured at the event was the fresh popcorn served with products A Taste of Olive Spicy Blend or Butter Olive Oil. The popcorn was a huge hit with both adults and children! Everyone even left happy and bellies full with new recipes to try.  

It’s always fun and exciting to talk to kids who are learning to cook and experiment with food.  I always found that when my children and grandchildren helped pick out a recipe and prepare the dish, they were willing to eat new things that they may have otherwise never even tried. So provide healthy ingredients, spices, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and make your children partners in the garden and kitchen to help build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating and wonderful food.