How to Maintain Flavor and Quality

December 03, 2015

We go to great lengths to find the highest quality of oils and vinegars. Here is how to keep the flavors top notch:

EVOO: Oils are fragile and require specific storage to keep their flavor and quality. Oils must be stored in a cool and dark environment. Keep bottles in a pantry or cupboard away from harsh lighting. For extra precaution keep oil in a tightly sealed tinted glass bottle.

Yes, olive oil does keep longer than other oils, but older is not better. Begin using your oils as soon as you buy them. Why would you cook without the gourmet flavors anyway? 

Vinegars: Vinegar does indeed go bad. This delicious product made from alcohol, specifically wine, contains essential elements that are prone to evaporation. Like olive oil, it is important to keep vinegars in a dark and cool environment away from elements that may speed up the expiration. We suggest start the drizzling process immediately, your food and vinegar will thank you.

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