Covid-19 Store Updates Part Two

March 25, 2020

Covid-19 Store Updates Part Two

Two plus weeks into when the Covid-19 crisis began affecting most of us in the Philadelphia area personally, we, at A Taste of Olive, want to reach out to our loyal customers and friends to say we hope you are all well and weathering this stressful time in as positive a way as possible. A special thanks to the many people who are placing online orders. We like to think our olive oils and balsamic vinegars are helping to make your homemade meals healthy, flavorful and a little bit special.   

Our stores will continue to be closed for an indefinite period of time, but West Chester customers can call (610-429-0292) to place an order for pick up and we will continue to fill online orders. So, if you want or need anything, please visit our website or feel free to call us for personal assistance.  

It is impossible to predict what the immediate future will look like, but I have a feeling that many in my age group (oldies but goodies) will not feel comfortable getting out even when it is deemed safe for the young and healthy. On a personal note, I know I will continue to follow good hand washing and social distancing practices for quite some time as well as minimize my trips out.  

We are incredibly lucky that we can shop for most essentials (and some not so essential items) online. Since I live alone, I am also keeping in daily contact with friends and family. Social isolation can be an added stressor, so I encourage everyone to reach out to anyone who might be alone with an “I’m thinking about you” phone call. And please know that Kate, Kimber, Nancy and all of us at A Taste of Olive are thinking about you, too. Stay Healthy!