This Funny Honey Demands to Be Taken Seriously

November 19, 2018

This Funny Honey Demands to Be Taken Seriously

Tucked in the mountains of Berks County, thousands of bees are hard at work making the best honey ever!

Funny Farm Apiaries is home to 15 wonderful hard working bee hives, two beautiful dogs, three crazy goats, over 25 silly chickens and two passionate beekeepers, Wendy and Mark Fujita. Mark was an avid beekeeper, but Wendy, not so much. But after getting hands-on with the product, she was hooked.


These aren’t your average honeys. Funny Farm’s honeys are extracted on-site and are always raw and unpasteurized. Wendy and Mark run their honey through a stainless steel screen which separates the honey and any large particles of wax and bees without removing the pollen.Their honey is a pure and wholesome product full of nature’s beneficial pollens, wax, propolis, minerals, and enzymes.

After one taste, you’ll be buzzing about their flavor-infused honeys, like Bourbon, Vanilla Bean, Caramel, Cinnamon, Orange, Smoked and  Blueberry. Each of these flavors is infused with either natural extracts, essential oils or real products like bourbon or vanilla beans. While it’s tempting to eat their honeys by the spoonful, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy these delicious delicacies: in salad dressings, on chicken or steak, in place of sugar in baked goods, or on your morning toast!

Funny Farm Apiaries offers 10oz. jars ranging in price from $21- $24. Stop by A Taste of Olive in Chestnut Hill or West Chester, and taste the difference!