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Our Top Host Gifts to Secure an Invite Every Year

You’ve been invited to a party and don’t want to show up empty-handed.

Bringing your host a gift that won’t gather dust in some forgotten cabinet will not only be truly appreciated by your host and earn your reputation as a thoughtful guest, but ensure you are on the A-list of invitees for future soirees.

Here are some of our favorite ideas sure to please any host (and fit any budget):

Go with what we’re known for

Spending an entire afternoon meandering around the shop, taste-testing to your heart’s content, is our idea of paradise. However, if you are pressed for time and want to gift your host some of the store’s signature liquids, we have you covered. We have pre-selected oil and vinegar combinations grouped together according to their flavor profile or a suggested usage (such as “Grilling”, “Cheese Complements”, or our “Italian Sampler”). These foolproof gift sets are a great introduction to what our stores offer. Each set contains five gift sized bottles housed in a wooden display box branded with A Taste of Olive’s logo—no wrapping required! Available online and in-store. $30-$46

Bringing wine?

Let’s be honest, no host is going to scoff when you show up with your favorite bottle of vintage. To step it up a notch, however, consider ditching the paper gift bag and delivering it in a hand-painted, stoneware wine chiller. These beautiful containers keep bottles of white cold throughout dinner or display a bottle of red that they just haven’t gotten to yet. When all the wine has been sipped, they double as a utensil holder, With a selection of gorgeous designs, these pieces offer your host a gift they can keep using long after the good stuff is gone. Available in-store only. $28

Functionality meets art

Joyce McAdams has created a line of cutting boards that function as much as a piece of art as they do a place to cut vegetables. Unlike any cutting board your host may have seen before, these seamlessly blend Joyce’s collages of brightly jewel-toned koi fish and dragonfly artwork with the practicality of easily sanitized, tempered glass that is virtually scratch-proof. Your host can use it as a cutting board or cheese plate and not have to tuck it away out of sight once the party is over. Available in-store only. $48.00

Dip & Chill

Whether for a casual Super Bowl party or a black tie New Year’s Eve affair, for chips or crudité, dip is always a good decision. And to serve said dip? Meet the dip & chill: two-part porcelain vessels with a bottom compartment to hold ice, keeping the dish on top chilled. These come in solid colors or with delicate illustrations of fruits or vegetables that will fit any host’s decorating scheme. Select from our many dip options while you’re here and bump this already great gift up a level. Available in-store only. $16.50

Give them a taste of… olives

While our oils may take center stage, we cannot overlook the source—olives! Whether your host loves them as a briny snack or in a dry martini, it’s all here. To make a perfect gift set, pick up a painted terracotta olive bowl, a wooden olive pick, and choose from a large assortment of olives stuffed with nuts, cheese... or even habaneros if your host likes it spicy! Available in-store only. $5.95 - $49.95

Whatever you choose, bringing your host a gift, especially one they can use to entertain at future events, lets them know you appreciate their ability to throw a fabulous party, and secures you an invite for next year’s festivities.

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