EVOO & You--A Perfect Match

February 05, 2019

EVOO & You--A Perfect Match

February is American Heart Month, and February 14th, of course, is Valentine’s Day. Be kind to your heart. Shop A Taste of Olive in Chestnut Hill and West Chester or online for the highest quality extra virgin olive oils from around the world. Be seduced by the rich, vibrant taste of extra virgin olive oil. There’s no denying that it’s delicious; it makes other foods taste even better, and best of all, it’s good for us!


It’s good for the heart. The American Heart Association recommends replacing bad fats (trans and saturated--think lard, full-fat dairy, coconut and palm oil) with healthier fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) for better heart health. Extra virgin olive oil has properties that can lower blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis(hardening of the arteries).

It enhances your cooking. We aren’t the only ones who think olive oil is the best oil for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil is an antioxidant powerhouse. The high heat doesn’t break down the antioxidants. Instead, they are absorbed through the cooked food. It also helps the cooked food retain nutrients that could be otherwise lost through cooking.

It offers a  myriad of disease-fighting benefits.  Extra virgin olive oil reduces heart disease, inflammation, and  the risk of certain cancers,. It plays a role in controlling diabetes, has anti-clotting properties, lowers  blood pressure, and has been a beauty secret weapon for centuries!

It can help lower your cholesterol. For heart-healthy results, the FDA recommends two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day in place of other fats in your diet. Doing so has been shown to reduce both total serum cholesterol levels and serum LDL cholesterol levels, and in some cases increasing serum HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

It’s good for the brain. Everyone could use a brain boost every now and again. In a recent study, researchers determined that consuming extra virgin olive oil daily protects memory and learning ability and reduces cognitive decline.

Looking for a perfect match this Valentine’s Day? Savor the ripe, fresh taste of extra virgin olive oil on vegetables, in salads, on pizza, in pasta, drizzle on fish or grilled steak. Click on this link to learn about more ways to love EVOO.