How to Incorporate Olive Oil in Your Daily Diet

October 17, 2018

How to Incorporate Olive Oil in Your Daily Diet

Changing one’s eating habits is difficult in the short term, and, for most of us, impossible in the long-term if the changes being made leave us feeling deprived. At A Taste of Olive, we believe that if we bring our customers high-quality and delicious olive oils, nut oils, balsamic vinegars, and other gourmet products, both fantastic and healthy meals will naturally follow. So, check out our suggestions for incorporating great flavor into your meals everyday, and enjoy!

  • Salad Dressing: Once you whisk up your first vinaigrette with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you’ll never look back. It will have twice the flavor and none of the additives and preservatives found in grocery store dressings. And our large, handpicked selection ensures that you’ll always be able to create the perfect dressing for your favorite salad and never grow bored. Use a dressing on salads with your favorite greens, vegetables, and fruit. Also, delicious on pasta salads, quinoa, and bean salads. Try in chicken and tuna salad, too!

  • Bread Dipping: Whether you prefer a traditional extra virgin olive oil or a flavored oil,  such as our Tuscan Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you’ll love how a great olive oil enhances the flavor of any crusty bread. For variety, drizzle a little balsamic in your dipping oil, grate in some parmesan cheese, or add one of our dipping spice blends.

  • Roasted Veggies: Give your vegetables an unbeatable flavor and texture by tossing with olive oil and roasting or grilling to perfection. Sprinkle with sea salt,  and savor the results. Enhance the flavor of strong -flavored veggies, such as Brussel sprouts, even more by finishing with a balsamic.

  • Potatoes: Mashed potatoes? Forget the butter. With our flavored olive oils, you can whip up garlic mashed potatoes, truffle mashed potatoes, or potatoes with bacon, shallot, or spicy flavors… all with ease! Prefer roasted? Toss in olive oil, herbs, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper as desired and bake. Baked potatoes? Drizzle on a little Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Tuscan Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grate on a little parmesan or asiago, add salt, and pepper to taste. Sweet potatoes? Cut in chunks and brush with Smokey Chipotle Olive Oil before roasting for a Southwestern flavor treat.

  • Fish and Seafood: Roast, grill, pan fry, or deep fry. Yes, high-quality extra virgin olive oils can take the heat and deliver healthy, tasty results. In fact, olive oil experts, backed by peer-reviewed scientific research, attest to the fact that olive oil is an excellent choice for all cooking, including frying. So fry up that fish or calamari and enjoy!

  • Hamburger and Turkey Burgers: Low-fat hamburger and turkey burgers can be a little dry. Add a little A Taste of Olive spicy blend, Garlic, Smoky Chipotle or Bacon olive oil to hamburger or ground turkey before grilling for a moist and flavorful treat. You’ll be surprised!

  • Pizza: Nothing says true Italian pizza better than adding a drizzle of Italian Peperoncino Extra Olive Oil before serving. With over 35 extra virgin and flavored olive oils to choose from, why limit your options?

  • Pasta: Tossing a great pasta with an excellent extra virgin olive oil before topping with your favorite sauce not only keeps the pasta from sticking, but adds a layer of flavor. Use Truffle Oil for elegant, earthy undertones. Or skip the sauce, and use olive oil with a dash of lemon juice or wine to enhance the flavor of a distinctive pasta. You may even want to toss your pasta with vegetables, olives, seafood, mushrooms, artichokes, fresh diced tomatoes, spinach, or grated cheese. Simple, healthy, and sure to satisfy your cravings.

  • Eggs: Use olive oil when frying or scrambling eggs to add flavor and health. I love using Jalapeno Extra Virgin Olive Oil to spice up my morning. Drizzle over a frittata, or use in omelets, too. And why not replace mayonnaise with olive oil in deviled eggs to create “egg-ceptional” treats.

  • Sandwiches:  What could be more tasty or authentic than a panini brushed with olive oil before grilling or a hoagie with olive oil-based vinaigrette? Saute spinach or broccolini in olive oil, and add a little grated pecorino to your chicken cheesesteak (chicken cooked in olive oil, of course). Finish your favorite sandwich with an olive oil basil pesto or aioli.

  • Snacking: Popcorn and olive oil with a touch of sea salt… delicious! When you add extra virgin olive oil to your popcorn, you savor more flavor with zero guilt.  

  • Baking: If you haven’t tried baking with olive oil, you’re in for a real treat. Just swap out the oil or fat in a recipe for one of our extra virgin olive oils. Blood orange brownies? Blueberry muffins? Yes, please!

  • Grilled or Oven-Baked Fruit: Start with peaches, pears, apples, pineapples, fresh figs or any great seasonal fruit. Brush on a little olive oil, drizzle some balsamic, and enjoy a healthy yet decadent dessert.

What are your favorite ways to use olive oils in your cooking?