How Our Stores Put One Shopper in a Good Food Mood

March 12, 2019

How Our Stores Put One Shopper in a Good Food Mood

During a downtown stroll a few years ago, something caught the eye of foodie turned blogger turned entrepreneur, Kelly. She slipped under the trademark orange awning and stepped into A Taste of Olive. She was stunned by the selection of olive oils and balsamics all available for tasting. And, taste, she did.  After one afternoon of sampling, Kelly’s kitchen and cooking were never the same. We sat down with Kelly to find out why she loves to shop at A Taste of Olive.

Have you noticed a difference in A Taste of Olive products compared to other oils and balsamics?

Yes, a HUGE difference. The quality of your olive oils is top-notch. They are full of flavor, flavor that you can actually taste! And what a difference it makes adding quality oils to a simple meal.

Why would you encourage others to shop with us?

Supporting local is amazing, and the selection at A Taste of Olive, is awesome. There are endless possibilities to layer or pair flavors. There are so many choices that it’s hard to pick a couple bottles to take home with you. The balsamic choices are awesome for creating dipping sauces and salad dressings for parties. The quality of the products is what makes the difference in your cooking.

What is your favorite product?

I love the Smoked Applewood finishing oil! A little drizzle on top of a good steak or fresh scallops is the best finisher. Aria EVOO is also a staple on my counter. And, I love the Coconut Balsamic for my summer salsas and dressings.

What are your favorite ways to use our products?

I love using them to finish simple meals. A fresh piece of fish drizzled with a great quality olive oil, a little garlic, and fresh herbs turn a simple dish into a better-than-restaurant-made meal. I also love making dips with olive oil and spices or using a balsamic as a glaze.

What are your favorite blogs/resources to follow to stay healthy?

I love all of the cooking magazines at the checkout in Whole Foods and in the magazine section at Barnes and Noble. There is so much inspiration from different chefs, restaurants, and bloggers. I follow all kinds of health bloggers on Instagram: @nocrumbsleft@thedefineddish, @rachelMansfield.  Often, I will replicate their recipes with my own twist. I especially love bloggers who provide easy recipes with tons of flavor for the everyday family.

To know where my food comes from is a contributing factor to living a healthy lifestyle. Having had Leukemia, I am always looking at the ingredient list for things I buy and it’s nice to see other health-conscious people sharing new products that are super clean and convenient to have on the go making it easier to eat real foods. The Whole30 has really helped me hone my ingredient list reading and seeing how much added sugar and chemicals are in foods they deem as “healthy” but really aren’t. For me, at this point in my life, it’s the quality of the ingredient or product I’m purchasing that helps me live a balanced and healthy life.

What are some simple everyday healthy food habits you practice?

  • Have fresh foods in the fridge, so when you're tired, you don’t resort to takeout. 1) it saves you money,  2) you’ll feel better eating fresh food without any additives, and 3) you can batch cook, so you’ll have leftovers for lunches.
  • Always carry snacks. Chomps meat sticks are always in my bag along with seaweed snacks, RX bars, and RX Vanilla almond butter packets, and apples. When I eat nutrient dense food, I feel better, and it helps me navigate those busy, stressful days without having a sugar crash.

Anything else you'd like to share?

My cooking style, I would say, is fresh, healthy, hearty. I love a great cut of grass-fed steak or some fresh wild caught fish. Using pasture-raised and grass-fed quality proteins and organic vegetables with high-quality oils adds a depth of flavor without making the meal super heavy.  When you add in some fresh herbs, spices, or citrus, every meal you make will be fantastic!

What inspires me in the kitchen is making food that tastes better than a meal you’d get at a restaurant. I LOVE cooking for my friends and family! Getting to share my food literally feeds my soul with so much happiness that I just can’t wait to come up with new recipes.

You can follow Kelly’s healthy foodie adventures at @goodmoodfoodnj.