Mother's Day Shopping Made Easy

April 29, 2019

Mother's Day Shopping Made Easy

From sleepless nights to skinned knees, tournaments to late night phone calls, Mom has been there through it all. This Mother's Day, return the love with a collection of gourmet goodies from A Taste of Olive!

The Word on Curds

Since the 1800s, women around the world have enjoyed fruit curds, and your mom will too! Made in small batches in a kettle, these “velvety custard” delights use only fresh eggs, egg yolks, sugar, butter, and natural citrus juices or raspberry puree. The Key Lime, Raspberry, Orange, and Lemon Curds pair perfectly with crackers, cheeses, ice cream, bread, and cakes, or as fillings for pies, cakes, and dips. In-store only. $9.25.

Almonds, Olives, and Honey: Good for You Inside and Out

Pamper her from head to toe with Provence’s finest beauty products with Panier Des Sens’ collection of body milks, hand soaps, body butters, and hand creams.

  • Ideal for sensitive skin, the sweet almond collection soothes, reduces feelings of discomfort, and restores balance with its natural protection.
  • Give your queen bee the honey collection; this elixir of Provence is known for its energizing, regenerating, and nourishing properties.
  • Lastly, the age-fighting, antioxidant-rich olive collection nourishes all skin types, especially dry skin.
$9.25 - $28.00.

Give A Different Kind of Flower

Add a touch of rustic charm to any room with a flour sack tea towel from Alice's Cottage. Measuring 24” by 36”, these made-in-the-USA towels are lint-free, soft, highly absorbent, and quick drying. Want to give her the royal treatment? Fill a beautiful Alice’s Cottage gift caddy with Mom’s favorite delicacies! In-store only. Single towel $8.95, Set of 2 Towels $15.50, and Gift Caddy $8.95.

Mom’s Day Out 

Our customers feel like kids in a candy store each time they walk past our wall of over 80 fustis filled with oils and balsamics from around the world. Spending the afternoon sampling and talking to knowledgeable associates about their favorite flavors is half the fun of buying at A Taste of Olive! Give mom a gift card, and let her shop to her heart’s content. Please note: gift cards purchased in stores cannot be used online and vice versa.

Two Bottles: Endless Possibilities


Some things are just better together:  mac and cheese, cake and ice cream, chips and salsa. That’s the way we feel about these perfect pairings and your mom will too!

A Meal Made with Love

At the end of the day, your mom just wants to spend quality time with you. Let her relax and put up her feet while you prepare some of our most beloved dishes -- Strawberry Basil Bruschetta, Blueberry Cucumber Salad, Bourbon Maple Glazed Salmon, Lemon Lavender Stuffed Chicken, or Golden Pineapple Bread Pudding!